Is coaching worth the investment?

That would depend on what your expectations are and what you need from a coach.

When I worked in my salon I used a business coach from day one!

I would have used a business coach prior to that however none of them seemed to want to work with someone coming into the salon industry. Very weird and something I believe is just wrong.

However, a coach is only worth as much as you put into it. Coaches do not, subject to contrary belief, have a magic formula or can wave a magic wand and then your business improves, absolutely not.

If you want to be open to what your coach is suggesting and giving you direction of what would work better than what you are doing, and you do that…boom, you will see the “magic” happen.

I work with my clients on the basis of finding our where there are holes in their business that could be filled. If they are bleeding money, I will find the hole and set about plugging that up.

Do business owners necessarily do what is required to effect that change? No, they cannot equate pulling their lifestyle back a little, with having a much more efficient and effective business. A business that brings in a profit, not a loss.

Business coaches work with many and varied businesses and have exposure to many tools that can be adopted by the client they are working with.

For example, one client might change something in their business which brings about a positive change, an increase in turnover because they stepped out of their comfort zone and did something different.

Another client might fight change with a vengeance and argue that making any changes will not work, they’ve tried everything before, but nothing works, and it is all somebody else’s fault and not theirs.

Your coach is only ever as good as you are at being open to doing things differently. Change is good, change brings about different results.

I often think of the famous quote, “If you always do what you’ve done, you will always get what you’ve always got” by Ed Foreman.

So is a coach worth the investment? Yes, as long as you are open to working with them and not against them.

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