During Covid 19 Lockdown

During Covid 19 lockdown is the perfect time to reassess every element of your business.

Start by assessing all your business numbers, from your KPI’s to your profit share. If you don’t know which numbers you should be tracking and measuring then you should grab yourself a copy of my Ebook “The Salon Whisperer“.

It is also a great opportunity to look at your marketing and forward plan for the coming months, because you will be so busy once you re-open.

You can pre-schedule some key content to go out at pre determined dates on your social media platforms.

It’s an opportunity to make sure that your Google Business settings are up to date. Your LinkedIn profile is another key area you should be monitoring.

Above all else, keep up your appearance on social media. Let your existing client base know that you are still there, it is also an opportunity for other people to look into your business to see if it something they might like to try.

If you have your business systems in place and you are feeling confident that you are prepared to re-open, then jump online and look into some business education.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

If you need support, this is a great opportunity to do some key researching into all the business coaches available to you. Lots of them will have free information you can avail yourself of.

If you are struggling and feeling lost right now, then reach out to myself. I’m happy to support you.

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