If I hear one more industry coach banging on about how you must work ON your business and not IN your business….I think I’m going to scream!!

If you’re a salon, spa or clinic owner and your working in your business, I’m betting that over 80% of the time, it’s because you WANT TO. You studied, you shelled out thousands of dollars to learn all about skin and how to nurture a client and deliver results and an amazing experience for them, so why would you throw all that away to become an Administrator working on your business.

Only last month, I spoke with a salon owner who was asking me if my pitch is that she has to hire staff and step away from working with her clients. I met that question with a resounding “no, why should you”? She was searching for a business coach to support her efforts when it came to administration but there was no way in this world, that she wanted to step away from the chair.

It would be like a coach telling me, you have to go and do facials because I think you should…bullsh#t! You work where you heart calls you to work, if it’s with your hands on clients, superb, keep doing that, don’t listen to anything to the contrary.

So, if you are a salon, spa or clinic owner who enjoys working in your salon, but you actually do not have the skill levels to work on your business, then outsource those roles. In my Solutions Membership I have a module that walks you through how easy it is to outsource tasks to people who are expert at those particular tasks.

You might need a social media manager or an expert number cruncher so you can see where your business needs improvement or even a website manager who can update your site and keep it fresh. There are people out there who do this for a job and they love it!!!

So the next time you hear somebody banging on about “you need to work on your business and not in it“, just say pfftt, whatever, and keep doing what juices you, what brings that joy and passion to your life.

As a salon business coach I now take on the dual role for some of my clients who need assistance with the back end running of their business. I crunch the numbers, I design all their social media, schedule it, manage their websites and design new marketing materials and marketing campaigns, all whilst the salon owner does what they are expert at. It’s a match made in heaven.

If you would like to know more you can check out my website www.BambiCoker.com.au I hope to hear from you soon. Good Luck.

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