You sit there with eyes glazed over, staring at your Facebook page or web site, wondering what are you not doing, that you could be doing?


You’ve done every offer you can think of. You’ve listened to free information from every guru you can find…but still nothing seems to make a difference.

Hey, lean in….guess what….you’re probably looking in the wrong direction.

A fresh set of eyes on your business can see things you can’t see. Let me give you a few quick examples here.

For instance, I work “IN” salons, I “observe” what the client is seeing, hearing and “feeling” about their visit into your Salon. Your toes would curl up if I told you some of things I see and hear…wow, I sometimes have to bite my tongue, whilst inside my head I’m actually screaming and running around yelling Nooooooooooooo.

The Therapist who stands at Reception listening to her client, making no eye contact repeating over and over again “yup”, “yup”, “yup”…really?

The new client who walks in and gets a Consult form shoved into the face and told to “take a seat, fill it in, be right with you”….um hello….”Welcome to XYZ Salon, my name is Sally, it’s lovely to meet you Helen, I have here a Consultation form for you to complete, this will assist your Therapist today, Sandra, who will be right with you, to give you exactly what you need today. May I offer you a refreshment whilst you complete that (insert large smile and eye contact here).

Gosh, do you see the difference, but more than that, how do you think it made your new client feel? A…Maze…Ing!!! Right?

So here’s the deal, if your tired to on-line drip feed videos and manuals, that really only partially relate to what your business is stuck on…it’s time to try something new.
I work with client’s in their (Victorian Only) Salons for a short time, enough time to give me an overview of what’s not working, what should be working better or even more efficiently.
You see I have a knack for looking for problems and then offering solutions…solutions that work! BUT they will only work, if you work them!

I put my heart and sole into the Salons I work with, I don’t take on 20, 50 or 100 at a time. I’m very select in who I work with too. If we are not a fit, meaning you are not “open” to learning, growing and changing, then don’t waste your time or mine.
I eat, sleep and dream about the salons I work with, I actually get more excited and passionate about their future than they do sometimes, I know, I’m working on that with my Coach. That’s right, I have a Coach too…I practice what I preach.
So, if you would like me to sit down with you for one to two hours and discuss your business, in confidence and work out a tailor made package for you, then contact me today.
Hope to see you soon x

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