Good staff are not always easy to find BUT with a few simple keys you can unlock the hidden potential in your staff.

Key One: Understanding their personality type. There are four main personality types and by understanding your individual staff members personality it will enable you to know how best to communicate with that person. It will also give staff the tools to better communicate amongst themselves.

Key Two: Understanding their learning style. The three key types of learning styles are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Knowing this will empower you to teach in a style relatable to each individual team member.

Key Three: Understanding their personal values. Everybody has their own set of values, mine for example is “Integrity, Reliability, Passion & Giving”. Establish your individual team members values and then settle on your business values and work to them each and every day, focus on them as a team and you will have more harmony.

Key Four: Understanding their love languages. With five main love languages it is imperative that you are talking the right language to your individual staff member. Speaking the wrong language and you might as well be talking in French, you will get the same flat response. Speak to them in their love language and reap the rewards.

Key Five: Involve your team. Nothing makes a team member feel more valued than asking them to be involved or contribute to decisions within the salon. Give your team ownership of the marketing ideas, new treatments and ways to enhance a client’s journey through your salon. The old days of “me boss, you do what me say” (spoken with a cave man voice for effect) will no longer cut the mustard. Times are a changing and you must adapt and change with them.

There are more keys, but master these and you are off to a brilliant start in improving the staff morale, team passion and future success of your salon.

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