One of the best pieces of advice I can remember receiving, is Chunking It Down. In effect, this is the best way to tackle large task. If the outcome you are looking for is a completely new Menu for your Salon (as an example) your brain will probably start going into overdrive and thinking, oh my goodness where the heck do I start, this will take me forever, it’s just too hard!

However, if you Chunk It Down into much smaller tasks or steps, you can achieve your outcome without the headache. Simple make a list of all the small tasks or steps that are required to achieve the outcome. For example, you might list your tasks as, check out my direct competitors pricing; what will I leave out of the current menu; what will I include in the new menu; do I have beautiful images for my ranges; can I add in all my new social media platforms….you get the idea, it is no where near as big a deal now, in fact I would almost say, it could be fun!

So apply this technique to your next challenging task, it will take the pressure off you to just have a completely finished task, chunk it down and just work through it step by step and before you know it, you’re finished.

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