A Salon Owners worst nightmare…you come into work nice and early only to find two messages on your answering machine. The first is Mrs. Smith, she’s so sorry but she needs to reschedule her appointment. The second is Miss Reynolds and she’s even more sorry but she needs to cancel her appointment and it’s for 9.00am that day!!!

Now apart from the task of following up these two clients, the immediate question is “what will I do now that two hours of time has just opened up, on such short notice”?

Well, what I used to do in my Salon was….give something away for nothing. That’s right, I would whip out my trusty A1 sized poster and hang it right outside the door on my poster stand, so that everybody who walked past would see it.

You can offer anything you like, if your focus is on make-up, offer a complimentary “how to apply contouring foundation like a pro” or if you are a skin clinic “complimentary skin analysis” or if you focus on beautiful nails, “how to shape the perfect nails”.

Now you would support this with “Come In Now | No booking Required | Free Training” you get the idea.

So, you might be asking…why? Well, you have just accomplished filling up that two hour gap with a few potential new clients, sitting in your reception area, enjoying a complimentary training session….how cool is that!

Do you think it would open up the opportunity to retail to these people? Do you think they might like to know about all the services you offer? Do you think they might like to take some information away with them? Do you think they will be talking about your salon and the great free training session they just stumbled onto to? I think so, actually I know so!

Give it a go, next time you have gaps to fill…whip out that poster and make the most of the free time, set up two therapists if you can, one doing the demonstration and one being the model and get people curious enough to walk in.

Take it a step further…offer this service once a month to create hype around your salon or spa. Shoot out an email, an sms and stand out from the crowd.

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