Why do you have a Facebook header? Who sees it anyway? How often do you actually click onto a Facebook page as opposed to just reading a post in your feed?

Here is what I am seeing as a missed opportunity to brand your small business and stand out amid a constant flow of posts in your feed.

Firstly I’m actually puzzled why business owners feel the need to change their Facebook header every five minutes (OK every month). When you do that it creates a post in the feed and on your page, which is actually unnecessary clutter. Then when you change your header, you need to go back in and re-set your “contact” button because it automatically resets itself to default. So there’s another aimless post in your feed “so and so has added message me to their contact button”….really, and I need to know…why?

You need to optimize your contact points with your audience. A good Facebook header should have your logo, your business contact number and a superb image that reflects and is in keeping with your branding. Your icon image should be your logo, not your latest promotion or something else random.

Here’s what happens when you chop and change these two important branding elements every four to six weeks, or even less. Your audience who are accustomed to seeing your logo pop out at them when scrolling through their feed, no longer see that logo and therefore when they are skimming through their feed, they don’t stop to read your post…they’re gone, you’ve lost them because their subconscious mind didn’t see that logo which triggered them to stop and read that post in their feed.

Your header should also strategically have your key information, like your logo, contact number etc placed dead center in your Facebook header. If like 80% of the population who are reading your posts on their phone, if you’re lucky enough to entice them to click through to your page, they are only seeing the middle section of your header, not the full thing. All really strategic things you need to be aware of and working with.

So next time you get the urge to change your logo or your header, stop and think, will I potentially loose some of my regular viewers?

The sensible alternative, is simply to make a new post with your desired new information and post that to your feed, you can even re-post this as often as you like.

If you still want to keep changing your header and logo every so often, then please, go into your page and “hide” all those annoying posts that tell us you’ve changed your header, your logo, your hours, your this, your that….it’s just, well….unnecessary. At least until Facebook will give us a box to tick to stop this happening in the first place.

Now go and look at your Header and Avatar and see if they need a branding make-over or you’re on the right track.

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