There is so many shiny news things to looks at, read, download, buy, follow, subscribe to and learn on the internet today, it can be really daunting!
I know, I’m just like you, I see something “new” or something I haven’t heard about before, or viewed anywhere before and I immediately think, wow, I must have that, learn that, buy that etc.

I probably have more educational material stored in my four back-up drives and countless dongles than most people would even think possible!
BUT what good is all this information, if you can not get around to using it, learning it etc?
You need to be disciplined. I make sure I set aside one hour every day (that invariably turns into more) just to educate myself, watch a video, do my next session on  a course I’m on, you need to do the same.

Diarise time into your schedule, every day to educate yourself. In no time at all you will become an expert at something new and exciting in no time flat.
If you really do not want to do all the hard work yourself, then engage the services of a business coach who has done all the work and will guide you in the direction you need to go.

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