So why is it so important to know your numbers?
As a business owner you should know, track and measure these key components:

  • Staff rebooking rates
  • Salon rebooking rates
  • Staff retailing rates
  • Salon retailing rates
  • Staff productivity
  • Salon productivity
  • Client average spend
  • Daily targets needed
  • Weekly targets needed
  • Monthly targets needed

and the list goes on.

I work with some salon owners who don’t know these numbers, they don’t know how to find these numbers and they don’t even know why they need to know these numbers…sheesh…these numbers are the crystal ball looking into your business.

As a business coach these numbers speak to me, they tell me the story of your business. For example if your rebooking rates are low, you have a problem with your staff, their customer service, your facilities, your standard of service or something, we uncover the why. That “why” once uncovered and solved, turns your rebooking rates around, they improve, which means your cashflow improves.

Let’s look at your retailing numbers, if the percentage is low, I work with benchmarks and look to improve those in your salon if they are low. If staff do not have the skills needed to improve their retailing percentages, I will help them with that. When you know how easy it is, the simplicity of speaking to clients with passion and getting your body language right, sales will rain down on your business.

So, if you’re unsure of how to work out your numbers or you know your numbers, and they are not too flash and you’re unsure how to improve them, give us a call, we are here to help. We care about you and your business growing and sustaining you.

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