Did you know that you have the power and control over who sees your posts from your business page?XLLS​​

Did you know that you can choose things like, what area they live in, how many children they have, what their yearly average income is, what they like to buy, what interests them the most and so on and so forth….well you can!

If you are not creating your posts using the Facebook Adverts Manager tool then you are missing out on reaching your “target” audience, which YOU get to create! Exciting isn’t it! You will need to set a budget for this too.

Facebook algorithms are changing all the time and now if you do not have people engaging on your business page, well then you will just not be seen. It’s like talking to a brick wall…sigh.

You need to engage your audience, talk to them like “real” people, not push your specials or your latest new piece of equipment at them, that’s not being “social”, that’s called selling. Social media is about engaging your client’s, starting up conversations then finding out their problems and offering solutions.

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