What makes me any different? I’m the “wear my heart on my sleeve” kind of person. My values consist of Integrity, Reliability, Passion and Giving.  So why should you choose to work with me?

Firstly I come into your Salon (Victorian qualified salons only) and I watch, observe and discover first hand, where your business could improve with some simple tweaks. Don’t worry if you’re not based in Victoria, I have ways of achieving the same outcome.


I was in one Salon last year and I was absolutely stunned at the simple things that were being overlooked. Out of four staff, not one was using the client’s first name, they were not offering any home care products and even leaving it up to the client’s to let them know when they’d like to come in again.

Another Salon I worked with had absolutely no idea about their figures. They couldn’t see that they were not even breaking even, let alone even know their break even. Once we ascertained that, we were able to focus on where to stop the money streaming out of the Salon. Productivity was a key area being overlooked, not to mention poor retail and rebooking percentages.

I also love my clients, I make myself available on short notice and for any extra services that may be lacking. You may need help with recruiting staff or marketing online, all things I’m happy to assist you doing, but more than that, teaching you how to do it for yourself.

You won’t have to raid your piggy bank and pay me exorbitant rates for the same old, same old, inapplicable information, like I used to get fed by coaches when I had my Salon. You will only be coached, mentored and educated on things that really matter to you, to your business.

There are so many on-line programs now. I see a new one popping up weekly, but they are not tailored to “your problems”. I sit with you, listen to you, set goals to turn your problems into solutions and work with you to achieve results.
So if you’re ready for a fresh approach, a hands on approach by a former Salon Owner and Entrepreneur, then give me  a call today. I won’t bite, I won’t yell at you, I won’t laugh at your predicament, but I will encourage you, support you and be there for you. If you can’t sleep, then I won’t sleep, I empathise with all my client’s situations (just ask my husband). I won’t rest until you get the results you deserve!

I’m happy to work out a payment plan that suits you. I know how hard it can be to find extra money in a business when you’re struggling. Let’s work out what you need, how we can get you real results on an affordable “pay as you go” plan. Sound Good? Call Me Today.

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