If you don’t KNOW your clients, I mean really know who your clients are, then you cannot begin to build a bigger and more successful business. In fact, that could very well be your “missing link” that is stopping you from reaching the dizzying heights of success you’ve been searching for all these years.

To know your clients, you need to go through an exercise called “Empathy Mapping”. If you haven’t heard of it before, google it (google is your friend). By going through the exercise you can establish your client’s needs and wants. More importantly you can even drill down to discover their problems and then offer up solutions to those problems.

Solutions are what will grow your business. Providing solutions to your clients problems, that is the missing link. So go through the exercise, it’s powerful and something that salon owners today are overlooking. Think outside the square, start doing things differently, that’s what makes you grow and succeed.

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