Bambi Coker

All the time I am seeing this question pop up over and over again in forums. Business owners who just want to know, how much will a coach cost them and is it worth the investment.

The price you pay is not the question. The question should be, “am I prepared to work harder and follow a plan with the guidance of my coach”?

You see a coach is only as good as you are at implementing suggestions, taking action and following the recommendations from your coach.

I have worked with business owners, salon owners in particular, who only start searching and looking for a coach when they are up to their back teeth in debt and stressed out to the max!

Those owners also expect coach’s to have a magic wand that they can wave and turn their business around overnight. Sure, we can all do that, drop your prices and offer some low-ball price on your services and you will be swamped with bargain hunters…for a week or two…then what?

In the above scenario you have just set yourself up to be seen as a bargain business, cheap but adequate, is that how you want to be known? I don’t think so.

That’s why most good coach’s will outline a strategy to build your business up, to analyze your numbers and look for those areas where you can make substantially more money, steadily and consistently.

One prime example would be retailing. I cannot tell you the amount of clients I work with who do not see the potential of simply retailing to their existing clients. This strategy alone can bring in an extra 30%, 40% or more in weekly revenue.

Coach’s know what works, they can see the holes and potential in a business. Coach’s are not emotionally attached to your business, like you are and can see things through calm, strategic eyes and can deliver you the advice and guidance that you need, with results emerging over time.

So the next time you ask yourself, how much will a Coach cost me, instead ask yourself, “am I ready to take action and work even harder to reach my goal”. The investment will be returned and exceeded, with your determination to succeed, in no time at all.

If you are looking for a Coach, look for one that meets your criteria. Do you want a hair salon coach, a beauty salon coach, a small business coach, or simply a business manager to look after your administration. Maybe you are so tight on funds an online, do it yourself program is right for you, to get started.

I work one on one with salon owners, small business owners who need a fresh set of eyes on their business. I also offer a “done for you” package, where I will advise you of what needs doing and then do it for you! This is my in demand service right now.

So don’t wait until it’s too late and the ship is sinking, because some times, it is too late, no amount of coaching can save you, you’ve taken on too much water/debt and it can’t be saved, the damage is done!

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